House 10It is the goal of Dolly’s Roofing to make sure that EVERY customer is a happy customer that is willing to refer us to family, friends and neighbors. We strive to accomplish this by using the best materials, using skilled and trustworthy labor, and by doing the “extras” that although they can’t be seen, help insure the roof will last for many years to come. When it is time to replace your roof, here are some of the things we do:

  • Dolly’s Roofing labor offer high quality workmanship. We are shingle manufacture certified installers. Our labor carries state Contractors’ License and is covered by Worker’s Compensation insurance.
    Dolly’s Roofing is licensed and insured.
  • Dolly’s Roofing will install all roofing, siding, and gutters according to factory specifications so as to allow the homeowner the full benefit of all manufacturers warrantees.
  • We will install all roofing in accordance with all local codes and ordinances.
  • We will remove the old roof and dispose of it in a way that the local government recommends.
  • We will protect all shrubs and landscaping when possible.
  • We will clean the yard and gutters to the best of our abilities.
  • We will roll the yard with magnets two times in order to get up nails.
  • Not all damage can be seen without removing the old roof. Once the old shingles are removed there may be need for additional work, such as rotted decking, or broken rafters. In the event that extra repairs are needed, Dolly’s Roofing agrees to do the extra work on a material and labor basis, with no profit markup. We do our best to let customers know in advance if we think there may be additional repairs needed once we remove the old shingles. We can also provide most pricing in advance.
  • Dolly’s Roofing agrees to warrantee all labor for five years on roof replacement, two years on siding, and one year on gutters. This warrantee does not cover damage do to excessive wind, ice or hail.
  • Depending on the shingles used, the shingle manufacture warranty may supersede our warranty. Most of our customers use the GAF Lifetime Architectural shingles that offer a ten-year, non-prorated warranty.

Insurance Claims:

  • Dolly’s Roofing will represent the homeowner’s best interest with the insurance adjuster. To the best of our ability we will prove the case for the replacement of the roof.
  • We will execute the repair or replacement that is approved in the insurance claim.