roofing2If you were being charged with a crime, odds are you would never go to court without a lawyer to represent you. Likewise, when filing a roof claim with your insurance company you should never “go to court” without someone representing you. The adjustor that inspects your roof works for the insurance company. Dolly’s Roofing will work for you.

Working with and understanding how insurance companies operate can be a challenge. We at Dolly’s Roofing strive to make the process as simple as possible, and are always working on your behalf. Below are several things to understand about working with insurance companies when filing storm damage claims.

INSURANCE RATES – Since wind and hail damage is considered an “act of God”, or a natural catastrophe, insurance companies do not raise the rates on individual policies due to storm claims. They generally look at storm claims for an entire area and adjust the rates for that area accordingly (such as coastal cities).

QUALIFIED HAIL DAMAGE – Insurance company adjustors will randomly pick a 10 ft by 10 ft area of your roof and look for a certain number (usually ten) of hail impacts in that area. They normally require there be damage on at least two slopes (North, South, East, West, etc…).

BIDS TO REPLACE THE ROOF – Dolly’s Roofing has found it easiest to work with the insurance companies’ pricing as opposed to giving a quote for repairing the damage covered by the insurance company.

WHY? If our price is higher than the insurance company’s then we are going to have to justify it. If our price is lower than the insurance company’s then they are only going to pay out what our price is. Besides, the insurance company’s pricing is usually fair. If it is not then Dolly’s Roofing will work with them to come to a fair cost of replacement.

The only cost to the customer is the deductible, unless there is work the customer request that is not covered by the insurance claim.

REPLACEMENT COST POLICIES – Most, but not all, homeowners insurance policies will cover the full cost of replacing your damaged property. (Check your policy or call your agent to find out if you have Replacement coverage.) With replacement coverage the insurance company will generally pay for the replacement of the roof with two payments.

The first payment is for the current value of the roof and the second payment occurs after you send in the bill from your roofing company stating that the roof has been replaced. (We at Dolly’s Roofing submit the Certificate of Completion to the insurance companies for our customers.)

MORTGAGE COMPANIES – If you have a mortgage on your home, and if the value of the check is large enough (depending on figures your insurance company uses), then your checks will be made out to the names on the policy and the mortgage company. When you receive the check you will have to contact the mortgage company, explain what is happening and ask them how you can get their endorsement (a stamp) on the check.

Most local companies will have you go to one of their offices, while out of town mortgage companies will ask you to mail the check to them. If you mail the check you will usually get it back in one to two weeks, but sometimes a mortgage company will be slow to process the check.

Steps for working with Dolly’s Roofing to file an insurance claim to repair your property:

  1. Contact Dolly’s Roofing for a free inspection to see if you have storm (wind/hail) damage to your property. We will give you our honest opinion and go over the process for filing a claim and replacing your roof.
  2. Contact your insurance company to file a claim. Tell them that you have had a roofer inspect your house and they found storm damage, and you would like to have an adjustor take a look at the damage. (Please give them our name and number.) They will generally take your name, number, and your policy number and pass it along to the adjustor who will contact you later.
  3. The adjustor will call you to set up a time for the visit.
    • IMPORTANT – Please get their name, number and appointment time. It is not necessary for you to be there unless you have inside damage that they need to look at.
    • VERY IMPORTANT – Dolly’s Roofing needs to be there when the adjustor arrives. We work hard to bring legitimate claims to the adjustors so that when they see us on site they will know that a reputable company is working with the customer.
  4. If the claim is approved, depending on the insurance company, the adjustor will either give the customer the first check during the visit or they will mail the first check once the paperwork is completed, which usually takes five to ten days.
  5. Once you receive the first check you should deposit it in your bank and call us. We will come by to let you chose the color of shingles you want, go over the scheduling for the work to be done, and collect the deposit for the work to be done.
  6. If the weather permits, we will usually schedule the work within the next three to five days. Most roofs take two to three days to replace.
  7. Certificate of Completion – When we are done with the work we will send in the COC to the insurance company to let them know that the roof has been replaced. The insurance company will then release any funds that were withheld in the original check.
  8. When the final check comes from the insurance company, call us and we will come by to collect the remaining balance. The total cost of the work done is the amount covered by the insurance company, the deductible which is paid by the customer, and the cost of any work that the customer request be done outside of the covered claim.